We Promise To Stop Being Complete Assholes. Introducing #MO4Good

26/12/2016 08:06
MO4Good is MO4 Network’s newly established ​CSR department.  Our main aim is to use the agency’s strengths, platforms​, connections, clients ​and production team to benefit society, give back to the community and do as much good as possible. 

Fuelled by former account manager Malak Naguib, so far #MO4Good has done the Food For Thought campaign, creating a partnership between Mince, INJAZ Egypt and Orcas to promote public school education in Egypt.

And then we organized a Christmas party for 200 orphan and underprivileged children at The Greek Campus, teaming up with Tamara Bistro, Mince Burgers, Hedeya Stores, Ariika beanbags, Cairo Sitters, Engineeius, Coca Cola, Remy Boyz and Leylti to make it a day the children would never forget. 

#MO4Good is currently creating the content and managing the social media campaign for INJAZ Egypt's Start Up Egypt program.