Post-work Cocktails at Loft 21

It had been a long week, a very long week so when our uber stylish client Loft 21 told us they wanted to invite some of the city's fabulous flock to indulge in some delicious cocktails and mouthwatering food, it wasn't hard to convince us.

You'd think we'd be looking at the view but @zedified_ captured our lens. 

Loft 21 hosted a glamorous post work shindig, inviting cairo's social (media) butterflies and office-bound leaders to let their hair down and trade in their incessant coffee consumption for a cosmopolitan and a few bites with friends. 

Friends who 'post work cocktail' together, stay together!

The company was unrivalled, conversation was rife, and the view was like no other. And did we mention the great beats that had us all on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning? Not that we remember much of that part that is...

Our fabulous PR Exec @hindmourad putting smiles on MO4 faces!