Just because something has been done a certain way forever doesn’t mean it’s the right way of doing it. It occurred to us a while back that it made little sense to claim that one is a content creator only to run off and outsource all of your creative requirements (a per the traditional creative agency). Not to mention that at the speed of content creation (DAILY!) required of new media, the old-school model makes for old-school ideas. So we developed our own in-house production department boasting some of the country’s leading producers, videographers, photographers, art directors and visual artists. We then built a sprawling full equipped studio-space nestled at the heart of our offices. This enables us to create dynamic content daily, to meet the demands of the fast-paced social age in which trends and virality are the cornerstone of success. Whether content is being created as part of long-running client retainers, one-off campaigns and projects or commissioned coverage, the results are always exciting, entertaining and exceptional.