Davidoff #ForTheHunters

It doesn't get quite as challenging than trying to promote a brand who's not actually allowed to promote themselves online in any form. When Davidoff came to us with their global creative platform "For The Hunters" we had to think outside of the box to reach their intended target audience and we did so by utilizing those leaders within the target market to be part of the campaign themselves, rolled out on new social media platforms created called 'For The Hunters'.

The bold, the beautiful, the leaders of the pack. The Hunters are those not afraid to take centre stage and step into the limelight. They are trend setters. Instigators of riots and raves. 

The Hunter is fierce @MiralMahilian.

As our client Davidoff took the city by storm, taking over Egypt's hottest and most exclusive parties, we assembled 5 of the city's leading party goers to come together and take charge as Hunters; Dina Akladios, Mohamed El Shaarawy, Waleed Mowafi, Miral Mahilian and Yusef El Serafy. 

The Hunter is strong @melshaarawy.

@WallyMow always on the hunt for an unforgettable night

As the series of Davidoff parties take over the scene, each Hunter, along with their guests, is set to take on the night and make the party their dominion. With VIP tables and treatment, the biggest events in Egypt are set to become their playground. To create pre-buzz we produced a fashion video and shoot with each of the chosen hunters.

A Hunter never shies away from the limelight @akladios._

We then followed each of them on their respective nights out with our MO4 production team, posting on both our media platforms CairoScene and CairoZoom and the For The Hunters pages, with the hunters themselves also posting the professional shots of themselves provided at the parties. The public tuned in to see what the hunters was all about in turn, created huge awareness for Davidoff.