Coca-Cola Taste The Feeling of #MO4Magic Across the Region for Ramadan

Coca-Cola Egypt was (and remains to be) one of the jewels of our portfolio. But after achieving huge success on the account, winning Ramadan 2015, and being shortlisted for an Effie you may ask, what is the next logical step?

Moving on to regional, of course! 

MO4 was priveleged to be the only independent, Cairo-based agency to pitch for digital Ramadan 2016. Three weeks of sleepless nights later... and we were able to land the always-on social content across the entire region! (North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia) for their Ramadan campaign under the global hashtag of #TasteTheFeeling. This was great news. Not just because they'll give us money, but it means we got to flex our production and creative muscles for the whole world to see.  Our picture content included happy, nice, pretty, beautiful pictures of people being happy and pretty and beautiful during Ramadan and Eid - So Coca-Cola! (featured above).

One challenge was to create video content that worked for each of these regions, with each having their own separate brand guidelines and aesthetics that would be relatable to their region's target audience. For some content that meant shooting three versions such as this clip showing a mother working away in the kitchen whilst her Coca-Cola gets cooler in the fridge.

We created a series of Instagram ready clips that could work across the region pairing Coca-Cola with Ramadan's favorite treats...

This one for the first day of Euro 2016 during Ramadan... Well worth the wait...

Note to reader, we don't just do social. Here's a series of cinemagraphs we made that will be going on electronic billboards across all three regions.