‘Golden Hour’ Rose Collection By Pandora

"It is only a line, a very fine line separating day from night, ingenuity from cliché, and genius from madness. In our first Zoom Fashion production, we opted to strike that cord of ingenuity, assembling a troop of incandescent - and somewhat camera shy - artists to don the Pandora Rose collection. With a spark of madness here and a stroke of genius there, these talented women confidently unleashed their creativity with the mesmerizing flare of the most amorous hour of the day: The Golden Hour."

Produced by MO4 Network, this is Cairo Zoom's #ZoomFashion editorial and shoot for our jewellery client Pandora.

The Musician ~ Dina Ibrahim on the Cello.

The Writer ~ Sabah Khodir co-founder of End Quote

The Painter ~ Malak Ashraf All the paintings used in the shoot are her own pieces.

The Wanderlust Photographer ~ Salma El Kashef

The Dancer ~ Galila Al Jifri

Art Direction: Munky
Photography: Malak El Sawi
Cinematography: Mohamed Daoud
Set Design: Noha Bahr, Farida Kassaby
Artists: Dina Ibrahim, Sabah Khodir, Malak Ashraf, Salma El Kashef, Galila Al Jifry
Styling: Ahmed Nabil
MUA: Sherouk Kasaby, Agnes
Hair Styling: TOI Beauty Salons
Props: Alwan (Downtown branch), France Antiques, Hamada Mazzika
Location: Downtown Cairo