#WhenGirlFriendThink She Can Do Cool Content

As one of the leading eyewear chains in Egypt, C&Co came to us about a year ago to drive home their affordable fun collections to their youthful target audience. Amongst the many cool campaigns we created for the brand (blending creative social content, cutting-edge production, and social PR) , this has to be one of our favorites. Combining their designer shades with a carefully curated selection of hot and hip jewllery pieces by local designers (we love us a bit of cross-brand promotion) we created this impactful shoot, simultaneously plugging into the globally trending #WhenGirlFriendThink hashtag. 

#WhenGirlFriendThink she an Amazonian princess

#WhenGirlFriendThink she a fashionista

#WhenGirlFriendThink she princess Leia

#WhenGirlFriendThink she Boho

#WhenGirlFriendThink she tribal

#WhenGirlFriendThink she at Coachella

#WhenGirlFriendThink she soooo fisticated

#WhenGirlFriendThink she diamond’s best friend

#WhenGirlFriendThink she Om Kalthoum

#WhenGirlFriendThink she professional