The Waterway Opening #TheWaterwayGetaway

Did somebody say free food? We did!
As the Waterway Compound opened its gates into a residential haven filled with delicious restaurants, shopping paradise and some very desirable homes, we invited the city's movers and shakers to celebrate in truly delicious style with a street food festival like no other. 

From burgers and ice cream to sushi and pasta, anything your heart desired (or should we say stomach) was ready to be devoured by all in attendance with fumbling bellies. As fashionistas and comedians, yummy mothers and kids tucked into a day of mouth watering antics and ate to their hearts content, international entertainers such as men on stilts, caricature artists, clowns and look alikes had everyone's trigger happy fingers ready to snap away. 

As the evening approached, not even our food comas could stop us from rocking out and taking the dance floor to the sounds of The Cadillacs, Screwdriver and a surprise performance form Shakira (alright it wasn't the blond goddess herself but her look alike's hips did not lie!). 

With fabulous company, awe inducing entertainment and great music, we really can't deny...the free food made it!