Vodafone #RedPoints

Ah Vodafone, our favourite telecommunications company offering a variety of goodies and discount to those loyal followers. But if you thought free minutes and unlimited texts was good, then think again as we gave a lucky 5 people the exclusive Vodafone Red shopping spree. 

A CairoScene & CairoZoom rate race!

For the launch of their latest packages and tariffs, Vodafone Red Points, which saw those with Vodafone Red contracts gifted a certain amount of Red points every month, which are redeemable in any outlet (fashion, tech, restaurant, you name it) in cahoots with telecommunications giant, we gave 5 very special individuals Red Points equivalent to EGP 10,000. Yes, you read correct, we gave 5 of the city's movers and shakers the ultimate shopping spree where all they had to do is roam the city and spend their points. 

Some bought the latest trends, others had a gadget frenzy, while some bought themselves a round trip ticket to Havana, Cuba (don't know why we did't think of that)! As the spending began, Vodafone and Vodafone #RedPoints took over social media and conversations across the country as people were asking where they could sign up!

Whether shopaholic or not, a spending spree with Vodafone as your sugar daddy is truly like no other.