Blue 40 Party All Year Round

Since local alcohol brand ID Vodka changed it's branding to Blue 40 in Summer 2015 we were tasked by Ahram Beverages to hit home the new bottle to a generation of party goers through our online platform 'Give Me Another Shot'. Our aim this year was to capture a glimpse from the life of a party goer, their rituals, their venus, their trends. To capture the process of their experience, the stages they go through from the start to the finish, and in doing so we decided that our communication would split the whole calendar year into one big party. Wooo!

For the beginning month the communication was mainly intrinsic, introducing the bottle as an international standard vodka. We did this through a series of authentic visuals and videos depicting its triple distilled nature as well as putting the drink in the hands of some 'foreign' friends, shot and styled in our MO4 studios.

We then moved on to the 'pre-gaming stage where our content was focused on the insights to drinking before the after party. We created a series of posts that personify the different archetypes of pre-gaming groups as well as interviewing Egypt's most popular local DJs about their own pre-gaming rituals. Throughout the period we also ran a 'digital happy hour' that prompted any group of friends to take a picture of themselves pre-gaming in return for a bottle of Blue 40 being sent immediately to their house.

Then co-inciding with Give Me Another Shot's annual big party we created a series of teasers for and of course were on hand to document the whole shindig.

Come September we'll be revealing something very special with Blue 40. #FeinElAfter?

Stay tuned...