Cairo Kitchen #TabeekhFasheekh

A lot has been made of the new 'baladi chiq food trend. Tasty and cheap Egyptian food sold at triple the price in trendier surroundings and richer neighbourhoods. When we were given the opportunity to take over the Cairo Kitchen account instead of shying away from the label we decided we need to own it. We launched Cairo Kitchen's pages with a high-end fashion shoot that contrasted with the traditional cuisine, using the hashtag #TabeekhFasheekh (it was later changed to #TabeekhAlamay because apparently fasheekh was a bit much).

'Torce and Gabbana'

'Koshary ala-carte'

Meanwhile, alongside these tongue and cheek posts we also created a series of intrinsic shots playing on the eating habits of the Egyptian masses.

متلخبطة و  متزبطة

Furthermore, to create loyal ambassadors for Cairo Kitchen as well as an engaging way to communicate to the target audience relevant to the culture, we came up with the Shah2a activation that asked people to submit Instagram videos of themselves doing an interesting shah2a, the winner getting a month's worth of free Cairo Kitchen dining. To promote the activation this video teaser was created...