Coca-Cola's Revolutionary Ramadan

Since 2011, Coca-Cola used to be the first to launch its campaign on the first day of Ramadan. Last season, our strategy implemented with Coca-Cola redefined the competition and fashion in a new era for advertising in Egypt with its foundation in digital.
Ramadan has always famously drawn out massive budget advertisements by the big cooperations aiming to compete with both other companies and the Ramadan TV entertainment line up.

Whilst the likes of Pepsi and Vodafone spent the big bucks putting out celebrity drenched advertisements in the first week of Ramadan we managed to convince the client to do something unprecedented. Remove all the budget they had originally allocated for TV spots, and use it for charity with their social media being the only platform for communication throughout the month.

Three weeks into the month questions rang across the digital landscape inquiring about Coca-Cola's whereabouts. We were listening, and listening intently. We engaged with Coca-Cola's followers and posted our first Ramadan piece of content.

إحنا سامعينكم وماينفعش #رمضان يعدي من غير ما نكون مابينكم. #إستنونا #كوكاكولا

Only one TV ad spot was released telling people that the only way for people to see Coca-Cola's Ramadan campaign was online.

The ads were a huge hit featuring a diverse group of real Egyptians going about their daily lives with a V.O. exulting the words that people usually use to describe them until the plot takes a twist and we find out who they really are. The street boy is actually an accomplished violinist. The amputee turns out to be a cyclist e.t.c

As people were logging online to see what Coca-Cola had waited to show everyone, we similtaneously released our #ثانية_تفرق. digital activation. We prompted the audience to post a picture of themselves with one finger up both symbolising that it takes one second for an opinion on someone to change in line with the adverts core message, and also representing 1 LE. For everyone who posted using this symbol, Coca-Cola would give 1 LE to aid develop 100 Egyptian rural villages.

The campaign immediately went viral with an overall post reach of over 9 million across social media platforms. Posters included social influencers, big name celebrities and thousands of the general public.

Visual we created made up of the thousands of #ثانية_تفرق entries.

MO4 network were nominated for for the 2015 Effie award for use of social media.