Creating @DowntownCairo

When Al-Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, the force behind the renovations sweeping through Downtown Cairo and acquirer of over 23 properties in it approached us, we came up with one of the coolest strategies we’re proud to hold ownership of to this date. It was yet another opportunity to take a beautiful risk, think out of the box the way we always like to and create a story and what better story to tell than Downtown Cairo’s? What could be better than authenticity as opposed to selling on social media? That’s when we decided that the way to go was to regenerate the interest in the city’s heart, where Al Ismaelia was doing all these massive projects yet went unnoticed. So Downtown Cairo’s accounts came to life and garnering attention was an easy task when the content at hand was this real, this relatable and this raw. When the client agreed to take the risk with us, we kicked off our heels and flew into a successful social media journey; Downtown Cairo was and continues to be followed by thousands on Instagram and Facebook. The heart of the city became trendy again, people are now interested in Wust El Balad and the nostalgia it beholds – and that’s all the client wanted. 

Re-telling the story of Downtown Cairo 
Diversity is key in the way we’re creating content for Al Ismaelia. By uncovering the stories of Downtown Cairo’s most celebrated buildings and architecture, making sure our followers are up to date with the events taking place, at  the hashtag we created, #DowntownTime, featuring #FacesofDowntown, the objective was met. Tags roll in every 15 minutes on average - influencers, fashion stars from designers to icons started to take photos in the city's capital - Downtown Cairo has substance and we took advantage the way we love to do so and it worked. The city's heart went massive with even greater organic reach on Facebook - we sold what you can't sell and that's how we disrupt. 

Live - #DowntownTime
It’s no easy task to run around and create content when thousands are watching live. But we do so every chance we get to tell the story of this great bustling area. From the region’s top two-day entrepreneurship event Rise Up Summit, Al Ismaelia’s D-tours every Friday, the arts and culture’s flourishing scene in Downtown Cairo and our client’s biggest contemporary arts festival D-Caf, we cover it all and make it happen.

Faces of Downtown 
While we took to the streets with our cameras  all ready to hunt for stories, we found that no one would tell the tale of the city than its people. Here are a couple of the most interesting #FacesofDowntown that we have interviewed as part of our creative journey in Downtown Cairo. 

#FACESOFDOWNTOWN: “I established Makan in 2002 with three goals,” says Dr. Ahmed El Maghraby, owner of Makan on Saad Zaghloul street and professor of Italian Literature at Ain Shams University. “First is to document and build an archive of popular folkloric music (we have about 30 terra bites of archives). Second is to cultivate traditional Egyptian bands and third is the renewal and revival of the traditional Egyptian music scene.” #MeetMeDowntown #DowntownCairo

“I inherited this trade from my father, who has inherited it from his father. I have been in the business for 30 years. I am looking forward to the day when Down town will return to its former glory, and I am hopeful that this will be soon. ”  Mohamed Khaled, Antique Seller, Owner of Nostalgia store on Sabri Abou Alam Street. #downtowncairo #khanelzaman.