#FollowTheBirds to Engaging Social Media

Kazoku is one of Egypt’s premier restaurants and lounges; the high end eatery is situated in the upscale neighborhood of Swan Lake in the First Settlement Cairo. The restaurant serves up a unique combination of modern Japanese cuisine and fusion dishes as well as innovative sushi platters. The word Kazoku itself means ‘family’ in Japanese and the logo is represented by a flock of origami birds.  As such in order to launch the restaurants online presence rather than naming the account ‘Kazoku’ we simply came up with the account name and hash-tag FollowTheBirds. 

This engaged and excited the audience as we started to roll out  teasers of beautifully shot origami birds in and around the restaurant bit by bit revealing dishes , cocktails before eventually revealing the restaurant as a whole at which point we changed the restaurant account name to Kazoku and our food styling and production team began strutting their feather tails.

Till today the hash-tag is used consistently by diners and guest as they #FollowTheBirds to an unparalleled dining experience at Kazuko.

When Kazuko asked us to spice things up a bit away from the typical food posting we conjured up this feisty conceptual #TheArtofFineDining fashion shoot. Check out the full visual shoot here.