Lamborghini pages around the world have often concentrated on generic imagery of the cars’ exterior without focusing on the thematic of what it means to own a Lamborghini.

In order to show off the lifestyle of the brand we created the creative platform of #BullsEyeUAE (Lamborghinis are nicknamed bulls). We took the first Huracan Spyder model across Dubai parking it in front of luxury establishments and landmark spot, shooting the view from inside the front seat POV style, giving people a real life perspective of what’s it’s like to be a Lamborghini owner, tagging the establishments in each post.

We also teamed up with luxury brand watch Franck Muller in order to give the look of the driver more of a luxurious prestige.

We then asked our followers across the UAE to join in, showing us their view behind the wheel of a bull using the #BullsEyeUAE hashtag.