Serena's Stories

When faced with promoting a restaurant where there's a dime a dozen, like Lebanese restaurants, it becomes important to focus on story telling to make the brand stands out. Enter Serena, a restaurant with a story. In the weeks leading to the opening, we built up the story of Serena, a woman who lived in the 50's - 60's Cairo with her family, with every incident in her life being translated into a new recipe in her cooking book (The restaurant's menu) along with authentic imagery of the elements that made up her life.

"I can't keep up the twins' phases anymore. It seems like just last week it was cars, so I got them models of their favourites for their birthday. I find out today that they want to be astronauts... "It's like you don't even listen to us mama."

"Travel broadens the mind, Serena. Lebanon will always be here, waiting; that doesn't mean you should be."