The Courtyard #Ramadiaries

Here's a challenge. What do you do with a mall client who has about three restaurants open, a patch of grass and wants to promote its diversity in eating options and green spaces. With Ramadan approaching the solution was to create a character Mo. The premise was that Mo was stuck in The Courtyard in Ramadan and everyday would find a new activity to keep himself busy whether that was iftar at one of the restaurants, gymming or generally being a weirdo around the platform. Each of the activities posted highlighted a certain aspect that The Courtyard wanted to promote. It was launched with a cinema style trailer and then each of the visuals shot was rolled out every day throughout Ramadan. Our strange Wes Anderson-esque creation became a huge hit with followers becoming emotionally attached to the character and waiting for the days next post. P.S. MO4 co-founder Wally Mowafi actually donned a red jumpsuit for two days to model as our protagonist just so you get an idea of our kind of dedication!